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Second GDP estimate for Quarter 2 2016 Note: 1) Starting from 2016, GDP has been estimated according to the main methodological provisions of SNA 2008.Data for the previous year have been brought in line accordingly.

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When asked whether the redenomination will help ensure the economic stability, Peter Dohlman said that strong and reliable economic policy measures are needed to create good prospects. At the end of the record day the holders of the securities will be determined, after which the Treasury and the involved institutions will begin actions to ensure redenomination of securities from lats to euros and setting the face value of securities to the amount of one euro cent. Redenomination, renominalisation and reconventioning provisions: [Not Applicable/The provisions annexed to this Pricing Supplement apply]. Other terms or special conditions Agency Agreement Beginning on the Redenomination Date, notwithstanding the other provisions of the Conditions ... 9 Valsts kase The Treasury informs that the suspension in the operations with government bills and bonds is planned due to 18th of December, 2013 having been set as the record day. President signed decree Concerning the redenomination of the official currency of the Republic of Belarus. Republic | Korma Region | Korma | Korma News MINSK, 21 March (Bel TA) It is too early to talk about redenomination in Belarus, Chairperson of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) Nadezhda Yermakova said in the Respublika newspapers phone-in. Keeping in mind the previous depreciation of the national currency and last years inflation level, it is too early to talk about any redenomination in the country.

10 President signed decree Concerning the redenomination... State of israel | Redenomination Redenomination: The applicable Pricing Supplement may specify that certain Notes may be redenominated in euro. (iv) after the Redenomination Date, all payments in respect of the Notes (other than payments of interest in respect of periods commencing before the Redenomination Date) will be made solely in euro, unless the Redenomination Date is on or after such date as the Specified Currency ceases to be a sub-division of the euro.

January 2005, beginning of the new fiscal year, in order to avoid a dual-record system, and not to cause an extra burden of preparing interim financial statements for those real persons and legal entities that are obliged to keep books. Belarus to approve 2016 budget in current rubles | Republic "The budget will be approved in the prices as of 1 January 2016, i.e. Once the Belarusian ruble is redenominated on 1 July 2016, all the budget targets will be revised," said Maksim Yermolovich. The real cost of the budgetary resources and their paying capacity will remain intact.