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He quickly followed that up by clarifying his intended target, stating: 'I’m not talking about his victims.I’m talking about everyone else who knew and said nothing.However this time, less than 10 American actresses of note have publicly and directly spoken out against Weinstein or shown support for Judd, including: Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera, Brie Larson, Brooklyn Decker, Patricia Arquette, Jessica Chastain, Ellen Barkin, and Heather Matarazzo.Others, like Zoe Kazan and Jenny Slate have used retweets to voice their concern, but not come out in their own words at this time.Hollywood has treated Mc Gowan like a pariah ever since she began to speak publicly about being harassed and assaulted early on in her career, which was expected to explode after her screen-stealing debut in 'Scream.'Weinstein produced that film for Miramax, and it was released the same year that an incident involving the executive and Mc Gowan transpired in a hotel room at the Sundance Film Festival according to The New York Times. #bebrave'She later tweeted: 'Anyone who does business with __ is complicit. Cleanse yourselves.' On Wednesday, Mc Gowan also engaged in a Twitter discussion with actress Asia Argento, known for her roles in films such as 'XXX' and 'Marie Antoinette.''I want to buy the movie rights,' wrote Mc Gowan soon after it was revealed that Weinstein would be the subject of two bombshell exposes, though she did not say she was directly referring to that report.'I own the movie rights,' replied Argento, who then added: 'It's gonna be the best movie of the last 20 years.'Mc Gowan responded to that by stating: 'We're gonna lobby for so many Oscars.' Weinstein had said to the initial report that two stories were soon to be published by scoffing at the notion, stating: 'The story sounds so good, I want to buy the movie rights.'And while Ms. It should be noted that unlike those three aforementioned women, these men have never won an Oscar for starring in one of Weinstein's films.

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Those same three women have also been more than willing to supply writers and journalists with quotes praising Weinstein over the years and taking about how wonderful he is to work with as an actor.And earlier on Friday in a damning interview, Lisa Bloom, the celebrity lawyer who Weinstein has retained admitted that some of his actions could be described as illegal.