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05-Sep-2017 02:52

Use these tips to help navigate the realm of online dating.

The reward at the end could very well be meeting that someone special you've been looking for.

Many people find poor grammar and spelling a turn off, and the best of us can make mistakes, so be careful on this point.

Put your profile into Word and use your computer spell check for peace of mind.

Uterus didelphys -- or a double womb -- is a pretty rare condition.

It affects anywhere from about one in 1,000 to one in 1 million women worldwide, and it sometimes occurs in families.

"There's nothing wrong with online dating," Tessina says.

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So it only seems logical you would use the good old Internet for finding that special someone, too. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself.

Research shows it may be just as popular with older adults.