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The School of Delft was loosely composed of a heterogeneous group of artists, most of whom were born outside Delft but worked there at one time or another for varying lengths of time between 16.

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Leonaert Bramer, who would have been acknowledged by Delft citizens as the most important Delft painter of his generation, produced eccentric history paintings, murals and moody Italianate nocturnal scenes (see image left) which share nothing with the work of Vermeer and his pioneering colleagues.The principle qualities which distinguish the painting of the School of Delft from the painting of other Dutch schools is a pervading calm, careful observation of the activity of light, perspective coherency, measured composition and a relative disinterest for detail for the sake of detail.The last is the quality which brought the (fine painters) of the Leiden School to the international stage.There is no documentary evidence showing that painters of Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht had ever viewed the more innovative art production of Delft distinct from the production of other cities – enough so to merit an appellative.

Nor is it known if the painters of the School of Delft themselves held that there was a common thread binding them together.The principal artists of the School of Delft are Johannes Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch, Carel Fabritius, Gerard Houckgeest, Paulus Potter and Emmanuel de Witte.