Dating korean man tips

19-Nov-2017 19:35

He cooked me breakfast and Korean dinner every time I stayed at his place.

Just as I was about to start class, I got a text from my Korean tutor.

Jeongsu even prevented my clothes from getting dirty when we sat on a bench and put one of his English textbooks on it to sit for me.

He waited for me in the streetcar on my way to school and surprised me.

Everyone wants to set me up on blind dates because everyone wants me to have a boyfriend. Then the conversation can go a few ways: Option 1 Korean person: “But you’re so pretty.” Me: “Oh, I know.” Option 2 Korean person (grabs male Korean friend): “He’s single; you should talk to him.” Me: “Uh… ” Option 3 Korean person: “I know lots of nice boys. (quickly changes subject).” It’s not so much that I’m afraid of men, it’s more that I’ve been single for a really long time. What if I fell in love with him at first sight, and he thought I was terrible and then I died alone like I always feared? I talked to a couple of my friends about the whole situation and they all soothed my mind. The guy was really nice, although there was a pretty big language barrier. Not really, but it was a pleasant experience overall.

I’ve had plenty of people offer to set me up on blind dates: my tutor, my coworkers, my Korean friends, my foreigner friends, and a random Korean woman I met on the subway in Seoul. ” I said, leaning almost all the way across the table to hear his answer. “Oh god, I can’t feel my hands.” “You have nothing to lose! That’s all it is.” As always, all of my worrying was for nothing.

The newest fashion trends, hairstyles and more – Korean guys know it and live it! From cute couple days each month to couple clothes, there’s nothing left out!

If you are the romantic type, the Korean couple culture won’t disappoint you!

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With that thought in mind, I told my tutor I’d go on the date the next week.

When dating a Korean man, you can always enjoy the deliciousness of Korean cousine home-made!

Even if your boyfriend/spouse isn’t a master chef, he probably knows how to cook the basics!

But who doesn’t love a well-dressed man who takes care of his appearance?

Sure, I’m sometimes puzzled about how he can manage to take more time in the bathroom than me but, hey, at least he doesn’t look sloppy!Now, I really embrace the newest Kpop hits, fangirl over Big Bang and call 2NE1’s CL my “idol”.