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In the early 21st century, the church began a project to restore the organ.

The organ was largely neglected throughout the 20th century, leaving pipes corroded, the bellows damaged and the soundboards warped.

All that remains of this nunnery is a rounded Saxon door in the church, most likely used by the nuns to attend church services.

Alongside the conservation, new interpretation of the Reading Abbey Quarter will be installed, including a new gallery at Reading Museum, and an extensive activity programme will be organised The abbey was founded by Henry I in 1121.who became archbishop of Rouen and was buried in Rouen Cathedral.According to the twelfth century chronicler William of Malmesbury, the abbey was built on a gravel spur "between the rivers Kennet and Thames, on a spot calculated for the reception of almost all who might have occasion to travel to the more populous cities of England".Silver coins of the 9th century have been found in the churchyard, dating back to the period when Kings Ethelred and Alfred of Wessex were fighting the Danes at Reading, and also the era in which Reading supplanted Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester) as the local centre of importance.

In 979, Queen Ælfthryth, wife of King Edgar of England, founded a royal nunnery on the site as an act of repentance for the murder of her stepson, King Edward the Martyr.The churchyard contains a number of significant trees, including a well-known 150-year old Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonioides) that was thought, in 2007, to be unlikely to survive but has since sprouted new growth.

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