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Warned that it could 'get a little smokey in here,' Vicki then admitted she could smell 'flesh burning,' with the medic finally telling Kelly to 'keep it nice and moist for three-to-five days.'When she told her that 'the only thing you can't do the first few days is no sex, no tampons,' Kelly quipped: 'Oh that's easy.'New cast member Peggy Sulahian during the episode also revealed she recently underwent a preventative mastectomy, Vicki and Kelly had both been the women that Peggy had opened up to about her own serious medical operation, with her telling them at a kid's birthday party: 'I've been going through some issues medically — I've been going through a mastectomy.'She revealed that it was a preventative measure, explaining: 'My mom died of breast cancer — we attacked it before it even started.So I'm going through this transition now that I'm not really used to and then I have to go to the doctor every week.'She got emotional as she told them that she would return for more surgery soon.'Anything you need you've got my number,' Vicki told her. I'll be there in a minute, to help with the kids, whatever.'I don't wanna see any pink parts, I don't wanna smell anything — I don't wanna know what's going on in there.''I think I might vomit,' Vicki insisted back in the room, telling Kelly it was 'the weirdest thing you've ever asked me to do' and joking: 'Next time I'm just going to lunch.'When the medic went to put numbing lotion on her private parts Kelly joked 'open wide!' — and then when she saw the laser probe they were about to insert she said: 'Wow that's big!'And I'm gonna be embarrassed for a while.'Kelly ended another feud, however, visiting Meghan King Edmonds and meeting her baby girl Aspen for the first time after Meghan admitted they 'drifted apart a little bit.''I heard this rumor that Kelly was dating this guy, and I asked her if it was true,' she explained.'She didn't like that question.So she got mad and she sent me a text when I'm seven months pregnant saying, ''You're husband is having an affair on you, just thought you should know''.''I know it's not true, but that's not a text you send someone that's seven months' pregnant.'Kelly later explained to camera: 'I'm looking forward to having my vaginal tightening procedure because I'm a little leaky down there and I'm not always, y'know, getting the nooky, so I'm hoping a little tightening of the puss makes everything better for everybody.'Despite joking as they arrived that it was 'time to get your vagina figured out,' Vicki soon turned squeamish, trying to leave the room with Kelly asking: 'You don't want to see my goodies?''I don't want to see anything down there,' Vicki said later in a confessional.

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'I mean I just looked at her and I'm like, ''I don't even know you'',' she added through tears.

The best we could find is this very mild interaction on Facebook with Cortney liking and commenting on a few of his pics. It’s very possible Cortney was catfished by a fake Antonio and later became friends with the real Antonio once she came back from Spain.

An example of that is via the screenshot below – Okay, all tame. We did some more digging and came across this curious WEDDING PHOTO of Antonio and another woman who is definitely not Cortney! That photo is below – Okay but this is more than likely innocent and could simply be a modeling gig as the photo was found among some of his portfolio photos online.

I'm really, really hoping that they will think twice about their relationship and work harder at making things work.'Ryan had earlier had tears of his own when he admitted that his own troubles in his family life made him finally sympathize with his former stepdad, Tamra's ex-husband Simon Barney, who he called an 'asshole' but finally appreciated he was tough on him for a reason.

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He added to his mother that he was terrified if he got divorced his children would be stuck with a bad step-parent, telling her: 'That's my biggest fear, that I leave because I'm sick of the fighting and then who knows who pops in?

I do feel that Sidney's doing exactly the same thing to me.'Ironically, Frank and Amelia arrived to support her at an event for the Erasing Children documentary she was involved in — with her proudly telling people they drove 10 hours to be there — while her mother failed to show without warning.'It bums me out that my Mom didn't think … 'My whole life my Mom's been an avoider, she doesn't talk about anything.''Divorce does horrible things to families,' she added.'Every single day it hurts.

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