How can i block sex websites

09-Sep-2017 08:55

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Local reports said that the bans were made under “Rule 12” — a part of the country’s “IT Act” that gives the government the power to force ISPs to block certain sites.Those sites should be blocked when it is “necessary or expedient so to do in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, security of the State, friendly relations with foreign states or public order or for preventing incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence relating to above”, the law says.

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, this could also cost you money.Unexplained Charges: Ads and crashing apps are annoying.Mysterious billing will hit you where it hurts, your bank account.You may have to buy extra data to keep up with all that wasted processing.

Essentially, you’ re paying to let malware ruin your device. After the game crashes a few more times, you start to suspect fowl-er, foul play.

It’s particularly common among Android users who find unusual charges in the “SMS” category.

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