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He has spoken out in support of breastfeeding in the past.

The papal baptism is a yearly event exclusively for children of Vatican employees or the diocese of Rome.

Author: Agence France-Presse (AFP) Duration: As Pope Francis prepares to visit Chile and Peru, some Argentines think that his own country's political situation is a key factor why he hasn't been back yet.

Author: ODN Visited: 3 Duration: Pope Francis has baptised 34 babies in the Sistine Chapel and encouraged their parents to make sure the "language of love" is spoken at home Report by Maylamh.

During the ceremony that lasted more than two hours, Francis baptized 18 girls and 16 boys, including two pairs of twins.

Author: IBTimes Visited: 98 Duration: During a long baptism in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday (January 7) Pope Francis told mothers to feel free to breastfeed there crying children if they were hungry.

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A samogo Lenni Belardo, kotorogo predstoit sygrat Džudu Lou, avtory proekta opisyvajut kak Frenka Andervuda, Uoltera Uajta i Toni Soprano v odnom lice." Pope Francis is visiting Chile.He'll be meeting victims of the disposed Chilean dictator Pinochet.However his visit has been controversial - people have been protesting over Francis's support of a bishop Bishop Juan Barros has been accused of protecting a predatory priest.» Subscribe to NBC News: To NBC » Watch more NBC video:

Pope Francis Plan to Take Over the World (2018) Author: RISE Pope Francis has a SHOCKING Plan for 2018.

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