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So it does seem that by prohibiting polygamy between consenting adults, we restrict people's ability to choose their own mate(s).value we should strive to maximize, of course, and there may be a greater social good served by keeping polygamy illegal.Would the potential costs of legalizing polygamy—such as reduced gender equality, increased numbers of low-status unmarried men, decreased social stability, or some other unmentioned problem—exceed the potential benefits?I think abolishing marriage altogether would be the best plan.In 1972 [1], biologist Robert Trivers outlined the foundational reason for this: For men more than women, reproductive success is limited by number of mates.A man with many wives can produce many children per nine months, whereas a woman can usually produce only one, whether she has one husband or 100.We can also assume that given roughly equal sex ratios, polygyny could lead to the kinds of gender imbalances described above, with some men who were more attractive (in terms of overall mate value) having multiple wives, and some less-attractive males going wife-less or having to share a mate with other men. Another convincing argument is that societies with too many unmated men tend to suffer from social instability due to intensified male-male mating competition.

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If a woman's husband impregnates her co-wife, he can immediately impregnate her, too.

Probably, as this chimes with the evidence about how people tend to mate cross-culturally.