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11-Aug-2017 13:12

Shop Sex Canada Sex Store prides itself on its international contacts to bring imported sex toys from around to world to your door without having to pay absurd duty fees...

and without having to worry that a border agent opened up your sex toy to inspect it.

By being a Canadian based sex toy store you don't have to pay duty on imported Sex Toys. Any statement on your credit card billed from Shop Sex Canada Sex Store will reflect the name "SSC-Direct" and nothing that will disclose information about your purchase.

Everything in our store is secure and discreet, we do daily checkups on our sex toy store website to ensure this. We offer a support and feedback phone line (1-888-9-SEX-TOYS) Everything shipped from Sex Shop Canada is delivered in discreet packaging that does not disclose information about the products within.

Shop Sex Canada has had a sex store in operation since the 1980's and we have built up a reputation on providing quality products to our clients at reasonable prices over the span of three decades.

It’s all a bit miserable, really, because your gender really shouldn’t dictate the frequency and quality of your sexual pleasure.‘I came to the realisation while shopping for some toys earlier this year that the sex toy market in the UK is in real need of a different way of presenting and selling pleasure – too much of it is either really impersonal, or sleazy, and sexual pleasure should be neither of those things,’ Hicurious’s founder, George, tells uk. When it comes down to it we all just have bodies – it doesn’t matter if what works for you is “male” or “female”… ‘We really try to give as much advice as we can on how something can be used, but at the end of the day it’s your body, and your imagination.’ George is hopeful that Hicurious will work to get rid of the shame and embarrassment of buying sex toys – for all genders.By ensuring nothing is off limits, the brand will make it okay for people to try something they like the look of and ask questions about how to use it instead of being put off by a label.JPG" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" @jirard" data-lightbox-theme="dark" href="[email protected]" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" @bestselfwellness" data-lightbox-theme="dark" href="[email protected]" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" By Slavonk& Hortus.

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We carry an extensive variety of Dildos, Vibrators, Anal-Plugs, Strap-ons, Love Dolls, Anal Beads, Bondage Toys and equipment, Sex Games, Lubricants and Oils.